Legend Fighting Championship (Legend) is the Asia-Pacific championship of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Legend invites national champion MMA fighters from throughout the Asia-Pacific region to compete in a freestyle tournament using interdisciplinary martial arts skills in supervised matches under a set of rules designed to promote athlete safety and sportsmanship. Legend is committed to promoting the sport of MMA throughout the region, to supporting and cultivating its athletes, and to providing exceptional entertainment to a broad audience.

Beginning in the 1960's, Hong Kong's own Bruce Lee advocated using the best techniques from across these various disciplines, combined to form "the style of no style."  Although the term "mixed martial arts" would not come into common use until many years later, Lee brought the philosophy behind the sport to the world.China has been developing and practicing systematic martial arts for over 5,000 years.  Large professional competitions were held in individual disciplines beginning with the Qin Dynasty (221-207 BCE), when thousands of competitors would gather to compete in grappling contests on a raised platform.  Since then, China has spawned hundreds of martial arts disciplines, many of which have been adopted and evolved around the world.

Today, the sport of mixed martial arts offers a chance for athletes to compete for the title of the best martial artist across all disciplines.  Like Legend's symbol, the Qilin (a mythical creature composed of elements from the dragon, stag, fish, and lion), the mixed martial artist must assemble the most effective elements of a variety of disciplines in order to win.  At the professional level, these contests represent the pinnacle of martial arts as a sport.

For its athletes, Legend is dedicated to providing an opportunity to compete and showcase their skills at the highest level in one of the world's most dynamic cities, while adhering to the strictest standards of safety. And for its audience and fans - from those new to the sport, to those who have followed and practiced martial arts for years - Legend aims to put on exciting and memorable events...events that we hope will be remembered for a long time.

Which martial artist will be the next Legend?

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