Adrian Pang
height 168 cm (5' 6") Australia
weight 70 kg (155 lb)  
born 02/09/1977  
styles Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Wrestling  
MMA record 20 - 8 - 2  
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Pang grew up among the tribal natives in a primitive, dangerous region of Papua New Guinea. Forced to defend himself and his family from a young age, he quickly earned the nickname “Warrior,” which has since evolved into his MMA nickname “The Hunter.” He still carries a spear wound scar on his forearm as a reminder of the conflicts from his early life. Pang’s initial martial arts training was in Kung Fu, a martial art he continues to incorporate into his MMA fighting style. Pang has won the Warriors Realm lightweight title, the Hextreme lightweight title, and the CFC lightweight title, and he is known for his aggressiveness and powerful, accurate striking.

Legend Fight history

result opponent method event date round
Loss Jadamba Narantungalag Decision (Split) Legend FC 6 30/10/2011 3 (5:00)
Win Nam Yui Chul Decision (Split) Legend FC 4 27/01/2011 3 (5:00)
Win Yu Woo Sung Decision (Unanimous) Legend FC 2 24/06/2010 3 (5:00)
Draw Nam Yui Chul Decision (Majority) Legend FC 1 11/01/2010 3 (5:00)

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