Li “The Leech” Jingliang To Join 2013 ADCC Beijing

18th October 2013


Legend Welterweight Champion Li “The Leech” Jingliang will represent China in the upcoming ADCC finals in Beijing. Legend caught up with Li in Beijing to discuss the upcoming competition.

Q: The ADCC is taking place in China this year, and more Chinese contestants are getting international recognition. What do you think about the ADCC coming to Beijing?

The ADCC in Beijing is a contest that a lot of pros and Jiujitsu lovers have been looking forward to. As a professional MMA fighter, I have always used Jiujitsu as my main training regime, so I am honored to be representing China in this competition. Despite the excitement, there is a lot of pressure as well, so I have been doubling my efforts in training. I do not take this competition lightly. Despite the huge growth in the past two years, Jiujitsu is still in an early stage in China. If I can promote the sport through competing in tournaments like this, then I believe Jiujitsu will find an even bigger stage in China, and ultimately that is what I am working toward.

Q: You will be participating in the 88kg weight division, which is significantly heavier than your usual 77kg MMA weight class. How do you think this will affect your performance?

Yes, I usually compete as a welterweight. For this competition I have been gaining weight constantly. Fighting at a heavier weight class will mean that my opponents will be bigger and stronger than I’m used to, which can be a challenge. But I’m fine with it and will fight with everything I’ve got.

Q: What are your thoughts on the upcoming tournament?

I’ve always received good results in my previous Jiujitsu tournaments, and I think this won’t be an exception. I look forward to bringing home the gold!

Q: You and Liu Wenbo are the top Chinese competitors this year and will be facing some of the world’s best opposition. Do you have any special tactics prepared for your fight?

This is a challenge I have always looked forward to as a martial artist. There is stress, but it’s productive stress, which is the source of my drive and determination. I will work even harder to train and perfect my techniques. My skills may not be the best, but I am also here to learn and exchange, and I will try my best to showcase all my talent in the competition.

Q: Thanks for your time and we wish you the best in the upcoming competition. Do you have any last words for your fans?

First, I would like to thank ADCC for supporting the development of China’s Jiujitsu. I started the sport in 2008, and since then I have been lucky to have many people walk this road with me – my coach, my team, my friends, and my fans – helping me strive for improvement every day. For Chinese martial arts to be the topic of discussion today, it is also thanks to the fans’ overwhelming support. I will not let you down in this tournament. I hope that we can all make martial arts bigger than ever in China. Please keep supporting me!

ADCC will take place in Beijing on October 19th and 20th. Click here to find out more details.