January 2010

Legend Fighting Championship 1: Results

12th January 2010
Legend Fighting Championship successfully held Hong Kong’s first ever professional mixed martial arts tournament last week, to much acclaim from the audience and press. Each of the nine matches on the event card gave the audience something new to cheer for, culminating in an epic three-round battle between Korea’s Nam Yui Chul and Australia’s Adrian Pang. read more

Adrian Pang’s Kung Fu Roots

4th January 2010
Although Adrian Pang competes in the modern contact sport of MMA, his training roots lie in Kung Fu, a martial art that traces its history back thousands of years. Pang began his formal martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do and Judo at age 9, but it wasn’t until he discovered Tong Long Kung Fu that he felt he had found his true martial arts calling. Now, those fundamental skills will be on display as Pang steps into the Legend ring for Hong Kong’s inaugural MMA competition on January 11. read more