November 2011

point of view

The Weight Cut: Team Quest’s Pat Healy Shares His Pre-Fight Weight Loss Program

30th November 2011
The weight cut – the process of losing weight in the run-up to a fight – is one of the most important components of pre-fight preparation in MMA. In North America, athletes have it down to a science. But in Asia, many fighters still have limited understanding of how to properly manage their weight. In this article, Strikeforce fighter Pat Healy shares the details of how he cuts weight. read more

An Interview With Jadamba Narantungalag, Legend’s New Lightweight Champion

25th November 2011
On October 30, Mongolian K-1 and Sengoku veteran Jadamba Narantungalag earned a hard-fought split decision victory over Australia’s Adrian Pang in what viewers have called one of Asia-Pacific MMA’s best fights of the year. We sat down with Jadamba following his return to Ulaanbaatar to get his thoughts on the fight, his new title, and his hopes for Mongolian MMA. read more

point of view

The Legend Logo

15th November 2011
POINT OF VIEW is an ongoing series of articles by Legend staff members in which we share our thoughts on current themes in Asia-Pacific MMA, our upcoming events and match-ups, and questions we’ve been asked by fans. read more

Legend Fighting Championship 6: Results

1st November 2011
Legend’s second outing in Macau’s City of Dreams proved to be even more exciting than the first, with 18 of the Asia-Pacific’s best fighters squaring off in an action-packed night of MMA entertainment broadcast to more than 300 million households worldwide. read more