December 2009

Vicente Pajaro To Represent The Philippines At Inaugural Legend Tournament

21st December 2009
As a small boy, Vicente Pajaro would watch kung fu movies and dream of the day where he would have a chance to train with Bruce Lee. Though he would later realize his hero had long since passed away, watching Lee’s genius and philosophy led him to pursue training in a number of martial arts before settling on a form indigenous to the Philippines: Sayaw ng Kamatayan, often known by its short form, Hybrid Yaw-Yan. read more

Brazilian Jiujitsu

16th December 2009
Brazilian Jiujitsu (often referred to as BJJ) is a combat sport focused on grappling and ground-fighting. BJJ promotes the idea that a smaller individual can effectively control and submit larger opponents using joint-locks and choke-holds. read more

Legend Finalizes January 11 Event Card

14th December 2009
With the confirmation of Dylan “The Villain” Andrews last week, Legend has officially finalized the ninth match on its January 11 event card. read more

Legend Confirms Adrian Pang

3rd December 2009
Legend has confirmed Australian lightweight MMA champion Adrian Pang for Hong Kong’s inaugural MMA event on January 11. The Australian-Chinese Pang holds lightweight MMA titles in Australia’s Warriors Realm, Hextreme, and CFC. read more

Mixed Martial Arts Set for Hong Kong Debut

3rd December 2009
Hong Kong is set to host its first ever professional MMA tournament. Organizer Legend today unveiled details of the tournament, to be staged at 7:30pm on January 11, 2010, at the Hongkong International Trade & Exhibition Centre (HITEC) in Kowloon Bay. read more