Fighter Profile: Adam Shahir Abdul Kayoom

20th September 2010

Legend Fighting Championship 3 will feature four of the Asia-Pacific’s top Welterweights in two bouts, with the winners returning at Legend Fighting Championship 4 to fight for Legend’s inaugural Welterweight Championship. Legend recently caught up with the four contenders to learn more about these elite MMA athletes: Justin Murray, Kim Hoon, Adam Kayoom, and Bae Myung Ho.


Malaysia’s Kayoom is one of the most highly decorated fighters that Legend has had the honor to host. American Top Team Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt. World Muay Thai Middleweight Champion. Muay Khmer Middleweight Champion. The list goes on. But his litany of Martial Arts titles hides a very modest, thoughtful man who lists drawing, adventure-fantasy games, and cards as some of his favorite pastimes.

“I had a wonderful childhood, and I am blessed with parents and six siblings that love me and are very proud of me for always following my dreams. Of course, they were naturally very nervous when I first told them that I wanted to pursue a career as a fighter, but they have gotten used to it and are now 100% supportive.”

Kayoom actually has his parents to thank for his discovery of the Martial Arts. “I had attention deficit disorder as a child, and I had a lot of extra energy to burn at home and at school. My father worked a lot, and I was one of seven children my mother had to look after, so my parents put me into Judo and Tae Kwon Do as an outlet for that energy. Looking back at why I first fell in love with the Martial Arts, it was because there were so many positive things associated with them. It was fun and challenging. I made a lot of great friends in my training. But most of all, I quickly realized that the Martial Arts are a vehicle that can truly make you a better, stronger person, not just physically, but also in your heart and mind.”

Kayoom lived throughout Asia and Australia while growing up, and he ultimately graduated from university in Australia with a degree in graphic design. “I have always loved art, but I love Martial Arts more. After university, I moved to Brazil to teach English and learn Brazilian Jiujitsu. After stints back in Australia and in Malaysia, I’ve been living in Thailand with my wife since 2005, where I teach Brazilian Jiujitsu at the Bangkok BJJ Academy.”

In preparation for his fight on Friday, Kayoom put his teaching schedule on hold and has spent the past month training at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA. “I’m really looking forward to this challenge. It will be my first time fighting in Hong Kong, and I’m very excited to compete in front of the Hong Kong crowd. My opponent is a seasoned competitor, and I have a lot of respect for him, as I do for all of my opponents. It’s going to be a great fight.”